At Falcon, all children have daily maths lessons which provide a varied range of activities to inspire and engage them.  We use equipment and practical tasks to help them understand the maths concepts they are learning before moving onto the more abstract strategies of calculations.

To ensure our children are fluent, we regularly practise arithmetic questions using taught methods - these session are called 'High 5'.

Quick recall of the times table facts are really important so we have weekly tests with a focus on a given multiplication table.  To support children to practise and build speed of recall, we use a web based app called 'Times Table Rock Stars (TTRS)'.   In the Autumn term, we had a challenge of which class would have the best average time spend on TTRS - Goldfinches were the deserved winners and enjoyed some reward time on the Chrome Books. This term's challenge is to get as many people (children and staff!) as possible to Rock Legend status - answering questions in under 2 seconds. 

This academic year we participated in Math Week England.  We focused on problem solving and also learnt about some famous mathematicians including Pascal, Fibonacci and Euler.   The children had great fun discovering patterns in nature, investigation Pascal’s triangle and trying to solve Euler’s Bridge of Konigsberg.