Year 5 Home Learning

Year 5 Home Learning


During the next few weeks we will be providing learning activities for you to carryout with the children at home. Some of the activities can be completed online and others will need to be recorded in the books they brought home. We have provided a file for each child in the class shared Google Drive. The children are more than welcome to create documents and upload them to their file in the drive for their teacher to see. We are all contactable via Class Dojo so if you need any support then please do contact us.

The work will consist of a range of reading, spelling, maths, writing and topic tasks. There will also be a weekly reading comprehension to be completed - 1 star is an easier level and 3 star is the hardest level - encourage your child to choose according to their reading ability. We will add some extra maths reasoning problems if your child would like to complete them.

This document will help support you whilst reading with your children - Reading Vipers.

Please take this opportunity to enjoy spending time together and we would love to see any photos of the fun activities you may be enjoying via Class Dojo.


Mrs Austin, Miss Jenkins, Miss Riches, Mrs Farrell and Miss Marpole.


Week 2

Learning Project Activities

How Weeds Get Everywhere 1 Star 

How Weeds Get Everywhere 2 Star 

How Weeds Get Everywhere 3 Star 

High - 5

PE Learning challenges

Extra Maths Problems

Rapid Reasoning Maths Problems


Week 1

Leaning Project Activities

Reading Comprehensions:

Recycle Week - 1 star

Recycle Week - 2 star

Recycle Week - 3 star 

Extra maths problems

Maths High-5