Year 3 Home Learning

Year 3 Home Learning

During the next few weeks, we will provide some learning activities for your child to complete at home, some of these can be done online using programs such as TTR, whereas others can be completed in the home learning book your child brought home. Obviously, we will do our best to support you, so please feel free to contact your teacher using email. 

Each week Y3 will provide some english, reading, spelling, maths and topic work to complete which you will find on the learning project sheet. There will also be additional resources should you require them.

Please enjoy the extra time you get to spend with your children and we are looking forward to seeing the work and photos from everyone.

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Margree, Mrs Harmer, Miss Marpole, Miss Morris, Miss Buckland and Mr Day.

Common exception words

Week 2

Learning Project Activities

A Brick In The Wall

Howard Carter's Diary Extract

Friendly Felines

Get Ready Wtith Cleopatra

Mild - How The Kangaroos Got Their Tails

Mild - Paul The Lucky Octopus

Mild - The Great White Shark

Mild - What Plants Need To Grow

Homework Sheet Unit 2

Homework Sheet Answers

The Rosetta Stone

PE Home Learning


Week 1

Learning Project Activities


A Brick in the Wall

Rapid Reasoning

Pet Care of a Guinea Pig Reading Comprehension