Eco Council



Hi. We are the eco-council at Falcon Junior School. We are:


Puffins- Noah and Amara

Jays- Connor and Emilia

Kingfishers- Charlie and Summer

Wrens- Bodie and Shae


Flamingos- Zac and Ava

Peacocks- callum and Bella C

Hummingbirds- Isabelle and Harrison

Linnets- Freya and Jack


Firecrests- Ava-Rose and Stanley

Bitterns- Jacob and Lacey

Swifts- Ellie and Oscar

Goldfinches- Zoey and Tyler


Robins- Thomas and Eleana

Canaries- Daisy and George

Doves- Kaelan and Sunaiyah

Eagles- Ella and Jacob


We meet regularly to think about what we can do as a school to reduce our environmental impact and improve our local area. 

We look at things from: what we can do around the school to reduce energy usage and the amount of waste we create; to what we can do as a community by recycling waste that is not collected in our recycling bins and collecting donations of unwanted items such as clothes and shoes.