We love History at Falcon Junior School!

Our history teaching is cross-curricular and inquiry based. Key skills include; ordering events in time, finding similarities and differences, researching and interpreting different sources to find out about the past and asking and answering questions.

We teach history chronologically and cover the following topics from Year 3 to Year 6:

  • ·Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age
  • ·Ancient Egypt
  • ·The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain
  • ·Ancient Greece
  • ·The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings
  • ·Mayan Civilization
  • ·Second World War
  • ·Crime and Punishment

We visit museums and historical sites every year to bring history to life. Visits include Gressenhall, the Castle Museum, West Stow and the Time and Tide Museum. 

Click here to download our curriculum map for History

Curriculum Map Historyjpg