At Falcon, we teach English and Reading lessons daily which equip our children with the key skills needed to be confident and creative learners. Our writing units cover a wide range of skills and writing types with many of our units centred around a book. This, in turn, helps promote a shared love of reading and a togetherness within each class.

From 2019 onwards, we launched Accelerated Reader across the school. Accelerated Reader is helping to ensure all of our children at Falcon are confident and fluid readers who read daily in school and get the support they need to fulfil their potential. In fact, we already have some ‘millionaire’ readers who have read over a million words since starting the program in September which is fantastic! As a school devoted to promoting a love for reading, we have also enjoyed visits from authors, book fairs, fancy dress world book days and more! Come and speak to one of our year 6 librarians to find out more!

From January 2021, the school has untertaken a two year journey into Talk For Writing. We are working with Jane Ralph, a Talk For Writing Consutant, in a two year training package, training all teachers and teaching assistants in this approach - exciting times for English at Falcon Junior School.

Our Talk For Writing units build a progressive, cumulative writing curriculum whilst ensuring a consistent approach across the school.

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