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PE at Falcon Junior

PE at Falcon JuniorOur Vision

We aim to embody the values of the Olympics and Paralympics in P.E. lessons, competitive sport and in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Courage
  • Determination
  • Equality
  • Excellence
  • Friendship
  • Inspiration
  • Respect

PE Premium Funding 2016-17

Falcon Junior School receives approximately £10 000 PE Premium funding for the school year.

Our aim is to engage all pupils in regular physical activity, raise the profile of PE and Sport, provide sustainable resources and create a broader range of opportunities in competitive and non-competitive sport.

All pupils receive 2 hours of curriculum PE per week. This has been developed so that lessons are delivered by a PE qualified teacher (NPETCS) or qualified coaches (CSF). In addition to more comprehensive assessment procedures, this has had a greater impact on planning and moving the children’s learning forward.

To provide greater learning opportunities, we have replaced our gymnastics apparatus to a more up-to-date, custom built frame. This will increase potential for many years to come.

Falcon has for many years run a comprehensive programme of after-school clubs. We have been able to supplement this by providing additional opportunities for girl’s rugby and football from a qualified coach as well as minority sports such as Ultimate Frisbee and Frisbee Golf.

We have taken up all opportunities to enter Schools Games events at Levels 1 and 2 (Cluster and local partnership). This has seen a number of children go forward to represent the partnership at Level 3 (School Games). It has been a priority to use the funding to release teaching staff, enabling children to participate. Where possible, we will send an ‘A’ and ‘B’ team.

To add to curriculum swimming time, we are targeting children who need extra support to start swimming, or to reach the recommended KS2 target of 25 metres.

All children in the school have opportunities for competitive sport through the Winter Games, Summer Games and Sports Day.

Finally, we have been at the forefront of beginning to develop inter-school sporting events across the cluster.


Spend as follows for 16-17


NPECT UTR 3 hours (extra curricular)                                                           £3415

Supply for Inter School tournaments and sporting activities offsite                £1200

Supply for PE training                                                                                     £1200

PE Training                                                                                                     £1000

TOTAL                                                                                                            £6815

BUDGET                                                                                                         £9640

Balance                                                                                                          £2825